The Evolution of Hip Hop: A Conclusion

Throughout the course of this class we have discussed everything from early blues, hillbilly music, rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and everything in between. We found a way to easily link all of music in its earliest forms to the hip hop and rap that we know today. Of all of the things that we learned I think some of the most interesting things we learned had to do with the art of sampling. It seems to be the one thing that I noticed in the early forms of music that still continues at large today.

Because the evolution of music circled around sampling in all of it’s forms whether it was playing pieces from produced songs live in the studio or switching the records on the table at lightning speed to get the best sound and the greatest beats. Sampling is so predominantly used today that it is rare that one hears a song on the radio on a hip hop or rap album that has not been sampled.

If I were to draw a conclusion about the evolution of music I would say that because of what I learned through class and through my own research in writing this blog that without sampling and inspiration from other musical eras that what we know as hip hop would cease to exist. Music as we  know it as simply a recreation of music that has already happened and I honestly don’t think we will ever see it any other way. I think that the art of sampling has ruined all chances of genuine musical creativity. Thank you all for reading and for taking the time to learn about the evolution of Hip Hop with me. 🙂


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