Nicki Minaj and her entourage of alter egos

I think in this day in age everyone has heard at least one Nicki Minaj song or seen a picture of her. I was never really a fan of hers because i thought she was too weird and out there wearing her bright colors and dressing very promiscuously. However, I recently learned that the reason she did a lot of what she did was because she had alter egos that she used to portray points in her songs and events in her life. I also learned that she used the bright colors to hide her lack of confidence.

One Minaj’s most famous alter egos was Harajuku Barbie, or just Barbie. It is the most famous because it was the one nicki was living when she became a pop icon. Barbie is known for speaking softly and loving everything pink. She is featured rapping in BedRock and Monster.

Recently Minaj has traded in her bright pink wig and matching pink 7 inch heels for a more natural elegant look. She stated in an interview that this was because she now felt more confident about herself and her music and was looking forward to making music as herself. I know personally looking from the outside in I’d rather listen to music that came from this…

than from this…


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