Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott is arguably the most unknown yet popular female rapper of all time. She is not only well known in the United States but also Internationally after taking multiple European tours and co-headlining with superstars like Beyonce. Her career has spanned over 25 years and she has produced 6 albums of her own and been featured on other various tracks with very well known and popular artists.

Before today’s class i had never heard of Elliott, so I decided to troll around and check out her music online, and from the popular songs of hers that I have listened to,  I don’t recognize a single one. Not only were none of these songs familiar, but I also thought they were all relatively awful.

After listening to her song Work It, she kind of went against everything other female artists were trying to fight against. She stooped to the level of male rappers and objectified women and talked about sex in graphic detail. It’s like shes going against all the other women trying to make a name and a statement in the industry. I think this could be why she is so under-known but It could also be because she had a huge 15 year break in the middle of her career, but hey whose to tell her what she can and can’t sing about.


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