Girl Talk and J Dilla

We were assigned to listen to the album Donuts by J-Dilla this week and I found my self having a hard time staying focused on it. I think this was mostly because of the lack of lyrics and semi calming beats. I didn’t quite understand what Dilla was going for on the album with the names of the songs or even how they all came together. After discussing the number of samples used in the album and how this effects the originality of the piece and whether or not the lack of truly original material means that there is a lack of originality in the album. We decided as a class that just because the album is based on samples does not necessarily mean that there is a lack of originiality because the way they are used and strung together takes an extreme amount of originality to create like Dilla did.

After having this discussion we were then asked to compare Donuts to a Girl Talk album. I chose the album “All Day” that was released in 2010. These two albums I quickly learned had an identical concept of stringing samples of a bunch of different songs together to make an album, but they were also two totally different albums. “All Day” took actual lyrics from other songs most rather current (2000’s or later) many of which were easily recognizeable. It was kinda interesting to hear the lyrics you know from one song with the background from a different song that you’re also familiar with. It was kinda confusing but also really cool how Girl Talk found a way to seamlessly put together songs that already existed to make sense and flow together. The album to me was a giant collaboration of songs that had been popular during the times of early popular music but forgotten because they weren’t the most popular. I actually really like the sound and flow of this album, mostly because its totally different from anything I’ve ever heard. I feel like this would be something cool to put on in the background of a party. The album can be found below.

It was a nice change to see a mashup that contained lyrics after listening to the mindless Dounts album. In a battle between All Day and Donuts, All Day walks away with the win for sure. That’s just me.


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