Does everything have to reference cocaine…

Public Enemy released a song in 1988 titled “Night of the Living Baseheads”. This song was about the effects of crack cocaine on African Americans at this time.  This song really is kinda screwed up  with how it describes people who are on cocaine. The song’s title refers to the film “Night of the Living Dead” which basically is saying that people addicted to cocaine are zombies. The song samples 19 songs each from a different group one of which was their own.

Three of the most notable songs that are sampled in this are “Sucker M.C.’s” by Run-DMC, “My Mike Sounds Nice” by Salt-N-Pepa, and “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy. “Baseheads” samples the line “…first come first serve basis…” from Run-DMC. The use of this line in the Public Enemy track really alters it’s meaning. Sucker MC’s was a song about the birth of rap and the MC who thought he had skills, but Public enemy uses it to reference the drug market and you only get drugs on a first come first serve basis because everyone wants it and the market is small. They use the Salt-N-Pepa line that is used to call to someone running the mic to check it “Yo Herb” to reference drug dealers working the curb to cell people that used to smoke pot and now do crack cocaine. And they use a line their own song “Bring the Noise”, “…bass…”, that refers to the element of music,  in “Baseheads” as a slang word for cocaine.

All in all each of these samples is distorted to mean something different and overall more negative than their original pieces intended. This could potentially ruin the integrity of the songs the samples were pulled from by making the listeners the song has a different meaning that they were aware of. It also distorts the meaning and integrity of the original piece. This kind of sampling is wrong and should have never have been introduced in the first place.


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