Blonde and Fab Five Freddy

In looking at the artwork by Fab Five Freddy the first thing I notice in the two photos is that they are generally and conceptually the same photo, just with different words changing the type of “soup”. Freddy is specifically referenced In the song “Rapture” by Blondie. In this song I think she generally eludes to the fact that society keeps advancing and we are losing our individuality aka our “flavor of soup” and becoming shuffled into generalized flavors. I think the importance of this as a graffiti form is because he is breaking out of the gereralization of art forms and trying to find his own “flavor”. It gives his work a deeper meaning and individuality.

I think that this collision of cultures kind of points to the fact that the nationalization of Hip Hop will take away its individuality and throw it into one box of songs that all sound similar. Which is ultimately what happened and still happens in today’s music and art world. The same guy writes all of the hit songs and they have the same rhythms and themes. He was eluding to the fact that the industry was losing its indivuality and he was absolutely right.



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