The Sequence is going to Funk you right on up

The Sequence, was a female hip hop group that had a career from 1979-1985. The group members were Cheryl Cook (Cheryl The Pearl), Gwendolyn Chisolm (Blondie), and lead singer/rapper Angie Brown Stone (Angie B.). This group of female hip hop stars were all cheerleaders in Colombia, South Carolina where they originated. I found this location to be very different from what we have learned about early hip hop most of the people making music were from the Bronx. The second thing that stands about the Sequence is that they were an all woman group which as we know was extremely rare at this time because the music industry was primarily male dominated.

One of the group’s most successful songs was “Funk you up”. When i first saw the title of this song and listened to it I immediately thought that it had to have been sampled in the semi-recent Bruno Mars hit “Uptown Funk”, but sadly i was wrong the songs just seem to have a similar bass line and flow. Anhwyoo The Sequence’s 11 minute long hit was extremely long for a song at the time but not as long as songs we heard in class such as “Rapper’s Delight”. “Funk You Up” was a monumental song for the Hip hop/Rap development because it was the first hip hop song to be released by a female rap group, and by a rap group from the southern United States. However they were all African American so that aspect of Hip hop remained the same from the Bronx culture it was accustomed to.  It was the second single to be released from Sugar Hill, just after “Rapper’s Delight”. overall after listening to this song I didn’t see much difference between it and what we heard of male groups of the time. I don’t see why there weren’t more prominent female groups in this genre during this time or even today. I’m wondering if it’s male intimidation or if there is some deeper reason why women just don’t want to be involved with making hip hop or rap.


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