America’s Oldest Teenager


Dick Clark or as refers to him, America’s oldest teenager, played a very important role in popular music and television entertainment for more than 50 years. His career began with the popular TV show, American Bandstand, in which popular songs were lip-synced on TV and teenage dancers danced to these new songs. He was often discussing and making popular new music well known on his prime-time TV Show “The Dick Clark Show”. He later became the host of the New Years Eve festivities that took place each year and was the TV host for “Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve” which always contained live musical performances to ring in the new year.

American Bandstand was probably Dick Clark’s most influential job as a music enthusiast. He did interviews with many artists that are still remembered and are quite popular today. some of these artists include The Beach Boys and The Beatles. He helped push not only popular music into the spotlight but also served as a baseline for how people should live their lives. He gave them models for how to dress, how to act, and how not to act. this influence became especially important when American Bandstand introduced African American performers to it’s stage. Clark guided the audience to accept them and this helped to guide viewers out of the age of segregation.

Clark was not only an influential host but also a good producer. When he was no longer able to handle his New Years Eve Festivities due to a stroke, he passed his torch to Ryan Seacrest. In my opinion Seacrest is trying a little to hard to have Clark’s career. He is trying to be a host and a producer and just isn’t reaching the bar that Clark set so high. He is currently the producer for a few popular shows but nothing as influential for society as American Bandstand. Keeping up with the Kardashians just isn’t cutting it on the influence charts. I don’t think anyone will ever do for music and popular culture what Dick Clark did.


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