Was ‘The King’ really the king?

When one googles “who is the king of rock and roll”, the site returns a whole page of websites about Elvis Presley, without any consideration that anyone else could possibly be the “King of Rock and Roll”. Not a single other name is mentioned in the results. I believe that there is another candidate that deserves at least a consideration for this title, Little Richard. When one listens to a Little Richard song you can tell he is singing with his soul and leaving everything he has on stage. He is a heart and soul performer, and that is something I just don’t see when I look at or listen to Elvis.

Each of these men considered themselves the King of Rock n’ Roll, in fact each of them put out an album saying exactly that in the title. Little Richard made a song about it titled “King of Rock and Roll” in which he called out Elvis saying “Elvis Presley have you heard the news, I’m gonna walk over your blue suede shoes”. Through this he is saying that he is taking back the position of king that he thinks he deserves beginning almost a music battle between Little Richard and Elvis. Little Richard believes that Elvis does not deserve to be king so I set out to determine a possible reason for that.

One of the first things I found while searching for a solution one of the first things I found was that Elvis took Richard’s song “Tutti Frutti” and did a version of it. After watching the video in class, I recalled Little Richard’s unhappiness over people taking a song that he wrote and produced, and making it again. I imagined the fact that Elvis did this and was probably more popular at the time (because he was white) made Little Richard very upset and outraged, making him feel like that because it was his song he deserved all the success and deserved to be the king.

I have to say that if I was Little Richard I think I’d be pretty mad too and I would probably think I deserved all of the credit that came along with the success from the song. I also believe that Little Richard preformed it better, so Long Live King Richard. Google is just plain wrong on this one, I’m not saying that we should give the title to someone else, but at least give both artists the credit they deserve for the accomplishments and advances they made in the musical community.


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