whether you like it or not your past is your future

I’m sure I’m not the only one who walked out the door of my house on freshman move in day saying that I was going to leave my past in the past and never look back. However, very quickly I realized that this was an unrealistic idea and that my past and my past experiences would follow me everywhere. The same can be said for music. Although it is constantly evolving it always has traces of its roots and its past no matter now electronic and technological it may become.

We discussed in class that in the 1930’s there were three major genres of music: pop, race, and hillbilly. I thought it was interesting how these genre’s developed name wise since the 1930’s. Pop of course is still pop and is the most popular music. Race developed into what we would deem Hip Hop or Rap, and hillbilly developed into what we know today as country music.

Out of three genres I feel as though country music is the one in which there is the most influence from artist’s past experiences. One of my favorite Artist’s Eric Church has written a lot of his own music based on his past experiences, to me this makes his music and the genre as a whole much more accessible and easier to understand and relate to. I feel as though the more I learn about and analyze music the more I realize what makes a popular song popular, Reliability. Everyone has a past, and everyone can relate to having things in their past that they are not proud of, but it makes us all who we are today.


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