Golden Music, NOT Golden Words

The article “Thar’s GOLD in them Hillbillies” which was written in the late 1930’s discusses the rise in folk or ‘hillbilly’ music. It began by giving a situation in which a black man carrying a beat up guitar case was not allowed to get into a crowded car. He sang songs called race records, or songs sang by black people. I found it almost appalling that they were afraid to market these records because they thought if the artists were black and the public knew, that they would not sell records. While this may seem horrible and uncalled for the civil rights movement did not begin until about 20 years after this article was published, so during this time it was not all that unusual for there to be discrimination against African Americans.

I also found it interesting how the record companies did not think that African American people would buy music by African American Artists. I think I find this so amazing because its common and known in today’s society that we are most comfortable associating our selves with people who are similar to our selves whether by race or socioeconomic class. Meaning that more African American people would buy the records than White people would.

All in all I found this article very interesting in the respect that it was good to see how people treated people of other races before the civil rights movement. I can see how this has impacted the influence of race on music and how people of the African American Race constantly feel as though their true colors are being hidden and why this is shown constantly in their music. It seems as though their golden music has grown to overshadow the harsh words that weren’t so golden.



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